In 2019 we are seeking Sponsors for all of our amazing CSF Artists.

You can become part of the CSF family and Sponsor an Artist for $1000AUD (Artistic Directors $1500).

For more information on Individual Giving and Bequests:

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In partnering with CSF you are not simply associating with a world-class cultural event at a prestigious venue. You are investing in a new, global event brand and supporting Australian chamber music and musicians world-wide.

As our existing partners have already discovered, CSF provides opportunities to promote your brand through targeted campaigns that connect with our unique global audience base, championing your brand as a supporter of the arts on an international scale.



Through a mutual vision to promote Australian artistic excellence internationally, and despite normally being closed to public events, the Australian Embassy in Paris will proudly host CSF in 2018. Bonnie Brown has built a close relationship of trust with the Embassy after high-profile performances here since 2013 (recitals for the Diplomats of the G20 Summit, and the visit of Australia’s Foreign Minister the honourable Julie Bishop, among others). CSF is thrilled to have the whole-hearted endorsement of all the Embassy’s staff and His Excellency Ambassador Brendan Berne.


CSF is delighted to introduce our primary media partner, Expatriates Magazine Paris, who are deeply committed to promoting CSF to the largest possible local French and international audience. Through their print, web and social media platforms they have built a community of over 240,000 readers of both local French and international backgrounds. CSF are the featured cover story in March 2018 and Expatriates Magazine will continue to promote and feature CSF intensively throughout 2018, a partnership of inestimable value.


For almost half a century, Yamaha's world-renowned C Series grand pianos have continued through a gradual process of refinement and the CFX full concert grand piano is the culmination of the incredible knowledge, techniques, and experience gained during this long period.  Yamaha Music Europe are proud to provide concert grand pianos for both CSF performances in 2018.


Pianos Daudé is a Paris institution and the supplier of choice to the world’s leading pianists since 1924 and are pleased to provide the technical piano support for CSF performances in 2018.


Champagne Boulard et Filles benefit from 7 generations of wine-making expertise. Passionate about champagne production, they practice sustainable agriculture together with meticulous manual labour in the upkeep of the vineyards, allowing them to maintain control over their Champagne from the grapevine to marketing. Champagne Boulard is the proud champagne supplier to all CSF events in 2018.


Founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah, La Maison du Whisky has established itself as one of the largest French specialists in the importing and distribution of rare whiskies and spirits. In 2018 La Maison du Whisky is proud to provide our CSF mixologist with it’s finest bottles of Australian spirits to produce unique and extraordinary cocktails at our VIP networking functions.


In September of 2018 CSF are delighted to welcome our official legal partner Metalaw Paris. With over 40 years of combined experience, Metalaw is a law firm dedicated to accompanying and supporting their clients throughout every stage of business development, from earliest entrepreneurial start-up through to large scale enterprise, with the sole objective of employing the law as a tool to enhance and protect growth and innovationw


Find out more on becoming a Partner of CSF by contacting:

Melissa Kleores - Partnership Relations Australia